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Greatest Game ever

I have quite frankly never played a game that i loved as much as this game, and probably never will. The port is good enough for 5 stars, though i admit a small bit of the magic is lost in translation. Buy it on Steam for your PC if you want the real deal.

Love this game, please fix the swoop racing!

This game is fantastic and they have done well with the controls. My largest concern is the swoop controls. They are terrible, there either needs to be a tilt or something at the bottom to control it


This game needs better controls

Best game ever!

This is a flawless game in my opinion! Ive played it all the way through twice and havent had any problems. This is one of my favourite games!


Fantastic game, always has been! Ready for KOTOR II The people have waited long enough!

Number2 number2

I loved this game as a kid. I want the second one so bad it hurts my heart guts.


They even added the DLC I am very happy totally worth it space battles are hard on iPad and take some practice

Wonderful Game

It runs better on my phone than it did on the Xbox. Hope they get around to adding the 2nd game.


Just need KOTOR 2 on IOS please

Loved this game!

It played just like it was on a console!! Terrific game! They need to put more games like this in the App Store

(Editors request) Lagging

Its a good port but the game will often lag and have frame rate issues during speeder or turret sections. Please correct this and Ill give this game five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Free play mode

Best star wars game ever but it needs a free play mode after the story


This is awesome!!! When is KOTOR 2 coming!???

Better than an iPhone game

People give this port of an original Xbox game less than 5 stars, due to very sparse technical issues. The problem with that is the fact that this is one of the only games on the App Store that is an actual amazing game. Ive never encountered any bugs not on the original version, the UI is better, and graphics are crisp. But, this game is so much more than any other iPhone game youll ever play, because its not an iPhone game. It shouldnt be here, but miraculously it is. Buy it here, or even better on your computer, because youll be missing out on one of the best rpg games ever if you dont.

Want my money back

I spent $9.99 on this and the controls are garbage, the combat is slow and tedious, the sound cuts out at random, and it doesnt live up to the praise that Ive seen on here

Excellent adaptation

This game plays almost like the Pc version but it has a few more infuriating things like the camera angle and the targeting system but other then that it is excellent and worth your money

What a ride

Easily the greatest game on the app store and my second favourite game of all time (right behind Skyrim)


Amazing game, the story line was one of the best of Ive ever seen. Easily the most immersive Star Wars game Ive ever played, yet theres one catch. Wheres kotor 2? This game did so well so why arent the releasing the sequel on iOS. I hope its released some time in the near future because this game is a masterpiece!


Really well done

Need virtual joystick

The game feels so clunky when moving around, its like youre controlling a tank thats underwater. You get blocked in spaces often because your characters block you half the time and it can be very frustrating. If this port can fix the controls where the movement feels free instead of sliding the screen for movement. Then I would enjoy this game as much as I did back on the X Box. Add option for a good Virtual Joystick, enough said.

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